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In aggregate, local governments spend over 2 trillion dollars each year to provide the public services and infrastructure that Americans use every day, from the local roads we drive on and the schools our kids go to, to the drinking water that comes out of our tap. Although much of the work of local governments goes unnoticed on a day-to-day basis, local governments:

  • Construct and maintain the roads that connect us to one another, to stores, and to our jobs;
  • Make sure that our children are educated and are ready to become productive members of society when they graduate from high school, vocational school, or community college;
  • Keep our communities safe and ensure that the justice system works fairly for all people;
  • Provide emergency services, promote public health and are at the front-line of combating the opioid epidemic;
  • Provide parks, libraries, recreation opportunities and community amenities;
  • Ensure that local economic activities are balanced with local environmental stewardship through spatial planning, land-use regulations and local environment regulations;
  • Promote urban and rural transformation, so that every American can be proud of the community he or she lives in.